Rocky Flats NPDES Permit of November 26, 1984

Max Dodson, EPA Region VIII, Director Water Management Division issued Rocky Flats its 1984 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit that allowed Spray Irrigation. There were to be no discharges with the exception of weather conditions.The EPA did not consider the enormous volume of sewage treatment plant effluent or what comprised the sewage treatment plant effluent. The EPA also did not consider Spray Irrigation operations, volume, and potential impact at Rocky Flats and off-site.

The February 6, 1991 report of interview with Mike Bartleson, Kathy Schnoor and Dan Mayo, all of Broomfield, Colorado provides background why the EPA conducted an NPDES permit review at Rocky Flats.

The December 11, 1987 report of George H. Setlock, Rockwell, documents Spray Irrigation issues concerning “zero discharge” goal and the enormous 70 – 80,000,000 gallons of sewage treatment plant effluent.

The 1987 Waste Stream Identification and Characterization (WSIC) report conducted at Rocky Flats was required for Rocky Flats to obtain a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Part B permit. The WSIC report detailed radioactive and hazardous waste production facility effluent to the sewage treatment plant.

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