Rocky Flats Area Reviews audit 1988

On August 3, 1988 to September 30, 1988 J.L. Henderson, Rockwell Assurance Audits at Rocky Flats forwarded the Area Reviews for Rocky Flats Buildings 707 and 771 to D. J. Sanchini, Office of the President, Rockwell International.

Some excerpts from the linked document:

Page 1 of the PDF – “The inability to control, store and dispose of contaminated waste, obsolete equipment, maintenance supplies and debris efficiently and expeditiously is causing and compounding safety related problems in these buildings. Selective alpha air monitors are identified by number on the control panel in a Radiation Monitoring office. Several were found on a bypass mode and attempts to immediately identify location of all the bypassed instruments with posted information were unsuccessful.”

Page 3 of the PDF- “A significant number of personnel self-monitor improperly, incompletely and not at all when exiting process areas. Employees are observed cleaning filled waste drums without protective gloves. Two critical airlock doors are found propped open.”

Page 50 of the PDF (Building 771) – “Performed on September 29, 1988. Accompanied by J. J. Krupar and J. A. Campbell. Three examples of lack of control of contaminated areas are observed: 1. All three observers walk through an area the end of which has a sign ‘Full Face Respirator Required’; the entry to the area has no warning sign. 2. As this observer approaches several operators at a glovebox port, next to a vacuum with a yellow flashing light, a ‘Full Face Respirator Required’ sign is placed by the operation. Another sign is observed at another entry to the area. A third access to the area has no warning sign, permitting personnel to enter the area of contamination without proper respiratory protection. 3. An operator is observed in the area designated, ‘Full Face Respirator Required’, without any respirator safety glasses. As we approach, the operator dons a full face respirator. [Editor’s note: this incident led to the DOE ordered shutdown of Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Building 771.]

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