CDPHE letter to Congressman Udall – Rocky Flats contaminants

On March 26, 2004 Douglas H. Benevento, CDPHE Executive Director, responded to then-Congressman Mark Udall’s request to review the allegations in “The Ambushed Grand Jury:” non-profit and non-fiction book at Rocky Flats. This communication was dated while the entire Rocky Flats site was on the National Priority List (NPL), priority Superfund site.

Director Benevento wrote that he would address “two of the major allegations made by the authors of the book concerning the Rocky Flats Grand Jury.” Note: the “Rocky Flats Grand Jury” was not a State of Colorado action, the Special Federal Grand Jury 89-2 was a federal action.

Director Benevento also wrote “I will summarize additional independent activities that this department [CDPHE] has taken over the past 34 years to identify contamination related to the site.” Note: CDPHE did nothing prior to 1995 to identify contamination related to the site; and, CDPHE was not forthcoming to announce dangerous Rocky Flats contamination activities prior to 1989 to Colorado citizens.

Page 3 – Director Benevento did not address whether the Rocky Flats Building 771 incinerator was illegally operated or not and the off-site contamination was without remediation. Director Benevento also does not address the East Spray Field operations over the historic burial sites near the 903 Pad, East Trenches and Mound. Note: a constant reminder – in June 1989 CDPHE negotiated an oversight fee by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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