Congressman Wolpe’s 1993 Rocky Flats Prosecution report

Culmination of 1992 Representative Howard Wolpe, Chairman, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Congressman Wolpe’s report states:

“First, our investigation revealed a very troubling lack of public accountability .in the Federal Government. Serious environmental crimes were committed, but no-individuals were held responsible. The crimes were attributed to a “culture” at DOE — not the actions of responsible individuals. This is the white collar equivalent of blaming an armed robbery on “society” — not the individual holding the gun.”

“Second, it should be noted that the most important thing that Federal prosecutors bargained away in negotiations with Rockwell was the truth. By entering into this plea agreement, the prosecutors bargained away the right to fully and accurately inform the American people and the Congress about the conditions, activities, and crimes at the Rocky Flats facility. Conditions that, I might add, continue to this day even though Rockwell has been replaced as the facility’s contractor. And these conditions are not unique to Rocky Flats; they can be found throughout the DOE complex. By papering over the situation at Rocky Flats, the prosecutors forfeited the opportunity to focus National attention on the crimes committed at Rocky Flats; attention that is necessary to create the political momentum for meaningful reform throughout the DOE complex.”

“Third, I would like to indicate my sympathy for the courageous individuals who served on the Rocky Flats grand jury. I do not condone the violation of Federal law, But these citizens were so offended by the plea agreement with Rockwell that they have placed themselves in legal jeopardy by publicly discussing the settlement. Justice is actively investigating grand jury leaks, in an effort to make a decision in the near future on indicting members of the grand jury. In my view, it would be both ironic and outrageous if the Department of Justice prosecutes the grand jurors themselves with more vigor than they demonstrated in prosecuting Rockwell for serious environmental crimes.”

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