June 7, 1989 DOE video message to Rocky Flats workers

Under Secretary Moore message

The generous donation by United Steel Workers (USW) Local 8031 and leadership of Ms. Terrie Barrie, ANWAG, make this video available to the public:

On June 7, 1989 W. Henson Moore, Under Secretary for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) addressed the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant employees via video message (~10 minutes). A Rockwell International Media Production.

Under Secretary Moore acknowledged the June 6, 1989 FBI and EPA search warrant execution at Rocky Flats. The June 6, 1989 search warrant is available at https://rockyflatsambushedgrandjury.com/rocky-flats-search-warrant-of-june-6-1989/. The second search warrant, both search warrant returns and other relevant source documents are available at www.rockyflatsambushedgrandjury.com.

A brief biography of W. Henson Moore is available at http://www.lsufoundation.org/s/1585/wide.aspx?sid=1585&gid=1&pgid=460.