Rocky Flats Nuclear Worker Part E Safety Concerns

Rocky Flats Nuclear Worker Part E Safety Concerns

ANWAG continues its commitment to USW Local 8031’s request to make the donated safety concerns available to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program’s claimants.  So far, thousands of pages for 1990 and 1991 have been reviewed to determine which of the safety may assist Rocky Flats claimants for Part E claims.

Redacting these documents would delay the publication and in the interest of time, ANWAG decided to publish the initial spreadsheet which lists the safety concern number, the building it affects and a brief summary of the issue.

For those claimants who need to prove that the worker was, for example, exposed to diesel fumes in Building 460, please contact Terrie Barrie at  She will provide a copy of the safety concern.

This spreadsheet will be updated in the coming months so please check back.

SC Number Building Description
90-009 777 Carbon-tet leaks
90-012 334 cross  contamination of drinking water
90-025 250 water not fit for human consumption, “sick” building
90-039 442 dirty filter cartridges for respirators; filled with non-radioactive dusts
90-044 778/ponds Unknown chemicals in ponds
90-062 662 second hand cigarette smoke
90-102 701 no monitoring of chemical experiments by industrial hygienists
90-107 664-T5 inadequate air flow in tent with high concentration of dusts
90-120 777 carbon-tet still in use
90-131 777 “hot” oil contaminated pipe and wall
90-183 777 undetermined liquid on floor
90-267 460 toxic fumes from “black foamT” inserts.  Called “solid gasoline”
90-272 881 use of CCFs
90-276 334 possible cross contamination of glycol with drinking water
90-282 440 people walking into paint spray booth without respirator
90-298 771 numerous liquid spills for 3 months with no analysis
90-319 130 cafeterial personell not trained in respirators for “hot” buildings 371 and 771 cafeterias
90-345 707 metal filings and metal dust built up beneath exhaust vent
90-381 771 serious issue with oxide build up on parts
91-092 776 unkown contaminated materials allowed to remain in doorways for 17 days
91-093 460 RCT stationed in 460.  Why if it was a cold building?
91-166 707 Mod F Kathene (lithium chloride) leaking through cement
91-251 707 Mod D leaking Kathene
91-252 707 waste barrel leaking unknown material
91-295 444 machine coolant growin mold (same as bread mold)
91-011 334/664 paint fumes
91-014 707 leaking oil from glove boxes
91-025 995/988 employees working alone with chemicals – chlorine, SO2, nitrate
91-047 123 process waste drain leaks; pit fills with reagents and vents directly into work area
91-049 771 carbon monoxide coming into control room from generator.  Bldg 715 has diesel exhaust
91-194 771 diesel fuel fumes pass into buildings