Building 771 Main Building Exhaust Plenum widespread contamination

Building 771 Main Building Exhaust Plenum widespread contamination

On April 2, 1982 a Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, Utilities System Property Record Data form, regarding the Building 771 Main Building Exhaust Plenum noted “constant excessive maintenance. Added 2nd stage filter frame in 1970.” The physical condition was marked as “poor” and the technology status was marked as “inadequate.”

Narrative for “poor” physical condition of Building 771: Numerous leaks at both stage filter frames. Cement in floors and ceiling extremely deteriorated from high acid content of exhaust air. Leaky/deteriorated pipechases extend from hot to cold sides of plenum. Ceiling and floors leak. Ground fault system inoperative. Interior lighting not withstanding acid atmosphere (unintelligible) and air migrates under filter filter frame as evidenced by water bubbles under floor sealant on ‘cold’ side of 2nd stage filter frame. For 31 years the main exhaust plenum has been sewage dump station for production.”

Narrative for “inadequate” technology status of Building 771: “The main exhaust plenum is one of the most under-funded, misunderstood, and misused facility known to our knowledge. Impact on Building, Plant, D.O.E. complex, and general public is so far reaching as to stagger the imagination. Loss of production major setback in national defense, widespread contamination, or loss of public confidence are minimal expectations. See an abstract of the form below.

The context of the above information is with the United Steel Workers Local 8031 donated report (to Terrie Barrie, ANWAG) entitled “Building 771 History at the Rocky Flats Plant (click the link to read the full report by Rocky Flats nuclear workers).” On page 9 of the linked report: “An exhaust plenum upgrade was implemented in 1970-72. This upgrade provided HVAC system which met new AEC criterion and provided for DOP filter bank testing. The primary change was addition of a second stage of HEPA filters in the plenum (resulting in two stages of filtration).” Pages 38-40 of the linked report document various criticality infractions.

For a visual presentation – “America’s Most Dangerous Building – Rocky Flats Building 771” (click the link to watch the ABC Nightline video). The situation was so bad at Rocky Flats that the U.S. Department of Energy had nothing else to do but tell the truth – Rocky Flats Building 771 is the most dangerous building in America.

Rocky Flats Building 771 Main Building Exhaust Plenum Report