Dolores M Krieg Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Traffic Department Interview of March 8, 1990

Dolores M. Krieg, Manager, Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Traffic Department was interviewed on March 8, 1990 by Agent William F. Smith, EPA/OIC.

Dolores M. Krieg managed all shipments of any material off of the Rocky Flats Plant, including labeling which is done at Building 664. She did not have the manpower to accomplish the tasks that were given her to do by the management of Rockwell International. The number of shipments increased while her staffing did not. Krieg admitted problems of mislabeling containers, misspellings, improperly fixed containers. She said that A.E. Dorr the former area Rockwell International manager was not interested in the problems she was having with shipping materials off site.

A number of inspections determined crates and drums were improperly labeled for shipment off site. The mislabeling included misspellings of contents, labels improperly affixed, or no labels on the containers.

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