Second of two Interviews of Farrel D. Hobbs on June 7, 1989

Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

2nd Interview on June 7, 1989 (2 of 2)

The Rocky Flats Sewage Treatment Plant may have been improperly operated.

Woman Creek receives runoff from irrigation ditches and from other areas than the ROCKY FLATS PLANT. He advised that at any time of year including November and December, Woman Creek can run from these other sources. Pond C-1 was discharged from November 21, through November 23, 198. C-1 was discharged between 28, December 2, and again from December 5, through December 9, and December 12, through December 16, and December 19, through December 23, 1988. C-2 was not discharged during December of 1988. This does not go into pond C2 and does go to Standley Lake. Mr. HOBBS advised that he does not personally kep a log of the pond releases. That job is assigned to CINDY SUNDBLAD who is backed up by RICK LAWTON, when she is not available.

HOBBS stated that he would immediately begin reviewing the STP influent waste stream samples in regards to operating the STP in an appropriate manner.
HOBBS commented that the STP may have been improperly operated in the past, but EG&G is committed to ensuring that the STP will be properly operated.

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