First of two Interviews of Farrel D. Hobbs, June 7, 1989

Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

First Interview Ferral D. Hobbs on June 7, 1989 (1 of 2)

FBI Agents Douglas B Meral and Brian W. Jovick interview report.

Hobbs stated he worked at Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant since 1982 supervised by George H. Setlock. Hobbs said he is a chemist by training but also an environmentalist and his job is to protect the environment and not to harm it. Hobbs described his duties as overseeing the activities of technical persons who gather and report the results of effluent and environmental data. To include 1) Radiation levels in effluent air; 2) effluent points for beryllium; 3) effluent water streams; 4) effluent water from Sanitary Treatment Plant and any runoff from that facility; 5) ambient air for radioactive material; 6) soil samples; and 7) total particulate matter.

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