Rockwell Sues Government in Rocky Flats Dispute

Rockwell sues government in Rocky Flats dispute on September 21, 1989.

In its press release Rockwell sued the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to seek judicial determination of the government’s and Rockwell’s obligation under the company’s contract to manage DOE’s Rocky Flats Plant, near Golden, Colorado. “In its complaint, the Company charges that performance of the contract requires Rockwell to engage in operations which EPA and DOE have said constitute violations of federal criminal laws.”

“The complaint alleges that Plant operations generate “low level mixed wastes” (LLMW) that include both hazardous wastes such as solvents that are subject to EPA’s land disposal restrictions and radioactive wastes, that are subject to DOE regulations. Compliance with the land disposal restrictions is currently impossible.” (emphasis added).

Rockwell’s civil Complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, case number 1:89-cv-02607-LFO.

On September 22, 1989 the U.S. Department of Energy terminated Rockwell from operating Rocky Flats. On September 23, 1989 the Boulder Daily Camera published its report “DOE cuts ties with Rockwell” and reported that EG&G Rocky Flats replaced Rockwell.

On September 23, 1989 Boulder Daily Camera reported that US Department of Energy "cut ties" with Rockwell at Rocky Flats. EG&G replaced Rockwell.