Ken Fimberg’s Rocky Flats Bullshit Affidavit

Ken Fimberg’s – Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant – Bullshit Affidavit

During the 1992 Congressional Hearings regarding “Environmental Crimes at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant” the witnesses were to not meet, discuss, or review each others testimony. Suffice to say that the witnesses employed by the FBI, Denver U.S. Attorney’s Office and U.S. Department of Justice were all accompanied by attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Legal Advice Section. The Denver U.S. Attorney’s Office attorney-witnesses, Kenneth R. Fimberg and Michael J. Norton, and U.S. DOJ attorney-witness Peter J. Murtha were ‘accompanied by’ David Margolis. FBI Investigator-witness Jon Lipsky was accompanied by Roger Cubbage. (See, Congressional Volume 1, Number 163 at

The Rocky Flats related Bullshit Affidavit with Jurat language was concerned with 1) the investigation of U.S. Department of Energy officials or employees at Rocky Flats; 2) protecting U.S. Department of Energy official or employees at Rocky Flats; 3) insufficient evidence and legal foundation to support the prosecution of any U.S. Department of Energy official or employee on any criminal charge at Rocky Flats; 4) “Cover up” or conceal any aspect of the Rocky Flats investigation; and 5) that the Rocky Flats Bullshit Affidavit statements were free and voluntary without pressure or coercion. The Rocky Flats Bullshit Affidavit was facilitated by Assistant United States Attorney Kenneth R. Fimberg for Jon Lipsky to sign under oath. Of course, Jon Lipsky did not sign the Bullshit Affidavit and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Gary C. Johnson said he would “handle” the matter.

For additional details please read pages 203-204 of the non-fiction and non-profit “The Ambushed Grand Jury” book.

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