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Congressman Mark Udall letter to CDPHE and EPA of March 16, 2004

March 16, 2004 Congressman Mark Udall letter to EPA Regional Administrator Robert Roberts and CDPHE Executive Director Douglas Benevento. Then-Congressman Udall requested CDPHE and EPA response to the “serious nature of the allegations” in The Ambushed Grand Jury non-profit and non-fiction book. Click to View

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Denver U.S. Attorney to allow select review of Rocky Flats Special Federal Grand Jury evidence

On April 29, 2004 then-Denver U.S. Attorney John W. Suthers refused to debate the allegations of “The Ambushed Grand Jury” non-fiction and non-profit book with then-Congressman Mark Udall. Instead, Mr. Suthers provided a copy of 1994 Dubester report to Congressman Udall. Instead Mr. Suthers offered that the CDPHE, EPA and DOE could review 65 boxes […]

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CDPHE letter to Congressman Udall – Rocky Flats contaminants

On March 26, 2004 Douglas H. Benevento, CDPHE Executive Director, responded to then-Congressman Mark Udall’s request to review the allegations in “The Ambushed Grand Jury:” non-profit and non-fiction book at Rocky Flats. This communication was dated while the entire Rocky Flats site was on the National Priority List (NPL), priority Superfund site. Director Benevento wrote […]